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Upper Esophagus Spasms
Vino09 posted:
A year ago, i was diagnosed with GERD, after receiving an Endoscopy. The reason I went is because I could not sleep all night. It felt like someone had their fist moving up and down a raw throat. They placed me on omeprazole. This helped immediately for about a year, but then this strange occurence has come back. It last for 10- 12 hours, only now it feels like someone is trying to drive their fist up out of my throat. It is one directional this time. The pain starts of low, and continues in cycles until it reaches past the 10 threshold. I was hospitalized for them to research the problem: endoscopy, three barium swalloing tests, images... No conclusion. The placed me on Vallium, which has relaxed the muscules, and this is holding the situation down. But I would like a cause and solution tot he problem, because I know that reflux can not be the only issue here. I was told GLOBUS, but I dont know.
Anon_156252 responded:
Have you seen a Gastro specialist? Difficulty swallow and chest pain are indicators of many other things, not just GERD or GLOBUS. The most misdiagoised is Achalasia. A simple barium of the esophagus or a endoscope by a GI should give you more of an answer.
Vino09 replied to Anon_156252's response:
Yes, and I am scheduled to see one at a University very soon. I had a battery of barium test, with no answers. So you mentioned Achalasia. I will look this up.

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