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    Mrslowpwr posted:
    When I was younger I had an "accident" where I was unable to find a bathroom. Now it seems whenever I eat or have to drive anywhere my stomach gets all upset. Even tho at most restaurants a bathroom is available. In a car I just feel like I wont be able to reach a bathroom soon enough. I think its a mental problem where I get nervous and it upsets my stomach. This happens even if I dont eat anything recent. Does anyone else have this issue or have heard of it?
    Geo22 responded:
    I have the same exact issues. I have had numerous tests, but to no avail. I have to attribute this to sometimes, anxiety, but not always.
    yvonneellis responded:
    hope this will help you.ihad my gallbladder removed about six years ago.everything i ate made me go to the restroom i went to the doctor and he put me on colestipol hcl 1 gm tablet.
    yvonneellis replied to Geo22's response:
    you need to the doctor and and ask him or her to try you on colestipol hcl 1gm really helped me out alot.
    Mrslowpwr replied to Geo22's response:
    I haven't gone to the doctors yet but lately its been pretty bad. Whether I eat or dont eat it just seems my stomach gets upset and I have to go. My problem I think is when I have to go somewhere I think to myself "is a bathroom available?" and that gets me all worked up.
    Mrslowpwr replied to yvonneellis's response:
    Not everything I eat causes me to go. There are some foods that seem to make me go quicker than others such as pizza or spaghetti so Im guessing it could be the the tomato sauce from both of them. However there are times when I eat and im perfectly fine.
    srenninger responded:
    Always happens to me, it is psychological really. The fear of not making it. I've had two accidents since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.. it makes me really nervous to go out sometimes. Just hang in there, I try to always think of something that makes me happy or calm myself down when I begin to get a stomach cramp.
    breakertruckeronenine responded:
    Sounds very much like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea type (IBS-D) See your doctor - there are Rx meds for it. I take Levsin SL (generic name Hyoscamine) when in the throes of a full blown attack. If you are diagnosed w/IBS, don't let them tell you there's nothing they can give you!

    Once you figure out your triggers (stress, fried food, milk, etc) & have been on meds awhile, you can taper off them. Then, when that rumbly feeling starts in your belly, you might be able to prevent an attack without the Rx, using Peppermint/Fennel capsules instead, which relax the smooth muscles of the gut. They are available OTC in the health food store or vitamin store. I've never tried using them once the diarrhea starts - only as a preventative.

    Good luck - it takes awhile, but it's a very manageable condition. I was diagnosed 30 yrs. ago, but my last flare up was over 5 yrs. ago. The good news is that it's a functional disorder, not a disease, & you will get your life back eventually!
    Mrslowpwr replied to srenninger's response:
    I also believe its all psychological. Like I said I have not been to the doctors because I am not a fan of needles and do not want my blood drawn. I just know I work myself up and that upsets my stomach.
    Mrslowpwr replied to breakertruckeronenine's response:
    Its wierd because its not every time I eat I have to go. For example while camping for a weekend I eat and im fine. I know in order to get it under control I have to see a doctor.
    beadsnbuttons replied to Mrslowpwr's response:
    I find that any Italian seasoned foods will set me off. I get my pizza very lightly coated with the sauce or order white sauce. Even that is not a guarantee. The sausages they use also gets me.
    I find it funny that I can eat Mexican foods that are not too hot to eat without any problems.
    Recently I had a colonoscopy that came back normal. That doc passed me off to a colorectal surgeon and gave me a very expensive pill to put under my tongue. I feel they are just passing me around. I haven't seen the surgeon yet so am thinking about canceling with the option of rescheduling.
    Mrslowpwr replied to beadsnbuttons's response:
    I also agree with the Italian food. Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden and any kind of spaghetti seem to be the worst. When I was in high school and got physicals the doctor always said eating then going to the bathroom is normal.

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