blood with or without stool!
An_246117 posted:
i'm 17 year old girl and two weeks ago i had severe lower (right) abdominal pain so i went to the ER and they said it was a ruptured cyst from my ovary. Since then i had a fever, nausea & vomiting, more abdominal pain but the thing i'm most concerned about is i keep having blood in my stool. The stool changes from watery to hard but always has blood in it, and since last night blood comes out even if i don't have a BM. I've already been told i do not have hemorrhoids and have stopped taking pain medicine for my abdominal pain (as i know it can lead to bleeding) please help!
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:

I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms, I know cysts can be so painful. You need to follow up with a doctor to be sure of what could still be causing the bleeding. Anything on the internet would just be guessing. Please call the doctor.

Best of luck and health to you,