Chronic Left Side Abdominal pain/Constipation
lbeg0617 posted:
I've had chronic left side abdominal pain/constipation for the past 5 years. It used to be triggered by greasy foods, so I completely cut out all fast foods. By doing this I might hv pain once or 2x a month. As far as constipation, I might go every 3-5 days. Lately I've noticed the left side by is more frequent, maybe 3x a week. The pain is sharp and sudden. Sometimes it gets so bad that I vomit from the pain. It lasts for hours, sometimes it'll stop if I finally use the bathroom which is hours later other times I still dont go. I've gotten a colonoscopy done in March and it came back normal. The dr told me there's nothing she can do bc it was normal. :-} I've gotten a CT done and that was normal. I don't know what else to do or what is causing the pain. Several ppl (friends) said it could be my gall bladder but I have no idea. I don't know what else to do!!!
Marysgr8newlife responded:
Hi Ibeg0617, it sounds like gallbladder issues to me. The test to prove it would be a Hidascan?
lbeg0617 replied to Marysgr8newlife's response:
Thanks, but confuses me is that how can it be my gallbladder if the pain is on my left side. Isn't the gallbladder on your right. Can that cause left side pain??
thickage replied to lbeg0617's response:
GB is on the right, but your GB could be aggravating your pancreas. That said, some simple bloodwork could confirm kidney, pancreas, liver function. An endoscopy could confirm upper digestive issue (e.g. problems with upper portion of intestine, stomach, esophagus). Have you tried removing dairy/lactose from your diet? How about a gluten-free diet? Keep a diary of what you eat and when your body is in pain - you may be able to correlate certain foods/triggers. Good luck!