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IBS associated with anxiety
JenGirl24 posted:
Hi, Im 24 yrs old and I have been suffering from anxiety for the last couple of years and within the last year i have noticed i have IBS. Anytime i have to leave the house, the anticipation makes me have diarrhea. its horrible. i cant work. my husband doesnt understand and makes fun of me about it. All i want to do is be able to work and go in public places! im worried all the time. i have panic attacks and anxiety attacks constantly. i can barely leave my house. i havent been to walmart in almost a year because of the fear of have an ibs episode. is their anything i can do? scared to go to the dr bc i dont want to have an ibs episode in front of all those people. thinking about going to the emergency room because its less crowded. i just cant handle this anymore!!!! its taken over my life. what im living is not a life at all!
Shelly2226 responded:
I feel your pain and you don't have to continue living like this. I suffer from IBS and just frequently saw a gastro and a alternative wellness doctor/nutrientionist. I've had my share of accidents at work and in my car. I have to say nerves do impact the tummy. My problem is I don't know what I'm eating that triggers me to go. My husband doesn't make fun of me but does feel bad for me. I don't go out to eat with my friends and I eat very little when I do because I'm afraid of having an IBS attack. My new Gastro prescribed me with a new medication which has been working for me. I would advise seeing a Gastro as the emergency room will just give u pepcid Ac and call it day. You need to have test done in order to get the bottom of your problem. Anxiety will cause a bowel movement. The medication I'm on now is Dicyclomine generic for Bentyl. I feel your pain trust me I've been through it all. Everyone knows about my tummy issues but having anxiety will cause you to have accidents. My advice is to see a doctor for the anixety and a gastro for the tummy problems. Trust me you will get better. I was so depressed over my tummy but remaining positive and understanding that half the world has IBS and we are not the only one's dealing with this. I wish you best of luck and please go see the doctor's. Aniexty and panic attacks are not good for your nervouse system.

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