splenic flexture
janegee posted:
I, too, have been diagnosed with splenic flexture, not by the gastro doctor but by my new chiropractor. I have only just begun to see this guy but he immediately diagnosed my condition that seems far less painful than some here are experiencing. However, I have had it for years and the pain occurs on that upper left side like clockwork after each meal and lasts until all my food has passed through. My gastro doctors (and there have been many) all ignore my pleas as to what is going on. My recent gastro guy did call it a "kink" at one point but he and several other doctors I've seen through the years focus instead on a stomach ulcer I have that refuses to heal. It's located right at the mouth of the pylorus so scar tissue has formed around the exit into the duodenum. All doctors have insisted I have a major operation to remove that whole area of my stomach (a gastrectomy). But the truth is that the only pain I experience is in the splenic flexture area and now this chiro guy has already manipulated the area to the point where the pain seems far less. I will keep you posted because I have only seen this man four times but he is convinced he will solve the problem for me. I really don't want that major operation so I will continue to do what the chiro guy says...