kenalog injection esophageal
mike_n_robin posted:
am going in the hospital in a week for something called kenalog injection esophageal.
i have tried to do surches on this is finding very little info on it.
if anyone has ever gone threw this or knows anything about it i would love to hear about it.. is there any side affects i need to worry about and does it hurt afterwards.
i go threw throat diffeliations about every one to 3 months.
i changed GI Dr.'s because the other one i had did not like the idea that i was doing my researches online.
the new GI Dr. did a streatch about 2 months ago and i started having swallowing problems less than a month after. so now they are doing this injection.
any info would be helpfull
thanks for the help
sheba_q responded:
I presume you mean this - it sounds like steroid injections done at the same time as a dilation, to reduce the chance to strictures growing back.