Doc thinks i have copd, but nurse insists it is more likely GERD?
trw1972 posted:
Hey all

About ten weeks ago i was suffering with a cough that got worse, and was always dramatically worse when i went to bed (and i wheezed like a 90 year old at night but felt fine in the day). I was bringing up some phlegm as well.

I went to the docs who said it was an infection and gave me prednisolone and be fair the prednisolone worked incredibly quickly and i felt fine within 24 hours.

Two weeks after coming off the pred though i started having problems again. A constantly tight feeling in my throat (as if liquid there) and occasional wheezing (though only when i lie down at night). Sometimes my voice seems a little 'wet' when i talk as well. Also a cough which is much less severe now, but consistent with occasional clear phlegm.

I went back to the docs, who said that because i used to smoke (im 39 and quit 5 years ago and smoked for 5 years) it is probably copd. He did a peak flow test which was 590 (normal). But is only investigating copd as a cause.

Ok i thought, live with it.

Today though ive seen the nurse to give blood, she is the one who will do my spirometry. She is insisting that it isnt copd because of my age, relatively few years as a smoker and high peak flow. She said every copd sufferer she has tested has a peak flow under 500, most under 400 and that she has done hundreds of spirometry tests.

She said it is more likely to be acid reflux and doesn't know why it isnt being investigated.

So im just curious, do the symptoms ive described (a cough mostly unproductive but occasionally productive, occasional wheezing at night, a tight feeling in my throat with the sensation of liquid there) sound like possible GERD?

My main reason for sceptism about gerd is i have no heartburn whatsoever although i do have a metallic taste in my mouth at night.