Tired of this "condition"
beadsnbuttons posted:
Fried foods, sausage, bacon, anything fatty including some cheeses, Italian spices all are triggers.
I drink skim milk to control the butterfat in milk that I ingest.
I find that timing is a problem. I know I have to go after my first meal, but don't always have the time needed for that to happen.
Lately, I have been paying more attention. When my gut feels a little gassy I know I need to head toward the bathroom. Stopping to do that one more little thing as we women are in the habit of doing is not an option for us.

Do not let this condition rule your life. Take as much control as you can.
It might mean carrying a larger purse with extra undies and even a light weight pair of shorts or pants as well as any pads you use. Wet wipes that are flushable are a great help. I am on the go constantly. I try to carry bags that are meant as disposable also and chuck the soiled undies. We have to be proactive in this.