kinna18mjs posted:
I know that everyone reacts differently to every situation but I just had my gall bladder removed on Monday (July 9, 2012) and I was wandering what type of things to expect? I have already noticed a couple of good outcomes so far, whether they last only time will tell. I no longer have heartburn...I used to constantly keep heartburn all the time (daily)! My appetite has totally changed, I can't eat very much at all of anything before feeling full (which could be a good thing I've been trying to lose some weight). What I'm getting at is what has everyone experienced with your gall bladder removal....weight loss/gain? Continued pain or does it go away completely? Trouble with bowel movements? Just anything really that might be of good use, just trying to get everyones situation to kinda know what to expect in the next few months- many years....Please comment you situation...