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Intense pressure above stomach below rib cage
dgsong posted:
Can be triggered by food of any kind or water or nothing at all. BMs have little to no effect. No real pain - just the discomfort from the pressure that can go around to the back. Feels like a weight pushing down on lungs and stomach. Anyone have anything similar? Gastro appointment coming but curious nonetheless.
thickage responded:
I'm having similar issues - I just created a post as well. I've had good colonoscopy, endoscopy results as well as bloodwork showing good function of kidneys, liver, pancreas. Still no diagnosis - I'm starting a gluten-free diet and will likely remove dairy from the mix as well. Also starting to take probiotics and removing myself from Omeprazole. Let me know how it goes, because it seems we have similar issues...
dgsong replied to thickage's response:
That no diagnosis is a bummer. I have distorted taste and smell from a sinus infection some years ago so eating not a top priority. Not eating doesn't seem to help so good luck with the gluten free. Please keep me in the loop as well.
bedfordgrp responded:
@dgsong - let me know what you learn as I have the same symptoms. Thanx.
bedfordgrp replied to thickage's response:
@thicakage - Has the gluten-free diet worked? let me know what you learn as I have the same symptoms. Thanx.
MandyCake responded:
Same here. I have a pressure,around my lower rib cage, the base of my sternum and my lungs feel compressed. The doc's thought it was related to my COPD but I feel it's something else. This pressure is below the lungs, like something pushing up into them. So I will have more CT scans of Chest/Abdomen this coming week. I have GERD and have had Esphogeal Fungal Infections from Inhalers and I have had bleeding ulcers... so who knows. Keep me posted as well please.
PatriotBob357 responded:
I see it's been 4 months since you posted....any results? I have the exact systoms. Have had all the traditional test, ie, colonoscopy, endoscopy, lots of blood and bottom end testing...NOTHING comes up! Now they want to send me to the Cleveland Clinic..... I've lost 24 lbs in 6 weeks and constant diarrhea...... Thanks, Bob
thickage replied to bedfordgrp's response:
The gluten free diet did not seem to change much - although it seems to be a healthier path overall. That said, I couldn't pass up the bread that easily!

What seemed to lower the intensity of my pain was getting a prescription of desipramine - an anti-depressant. The desipramine seemed to "calm" things down quite a bit. Although I still have constant discomfort below my left rib cage, it's far more tolerable and much less intense. I noticed a change within 7 days of taking desipramine.

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