What do I do when doctors won't help me?
Denverbuzz posted:
For 17 years, over half of my lifetime, I have suffered from undiagnosed intestinal problems. I've had doctors tell me it's crohns, colitis, IBS, and 'it's all in my head.' I was recently diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy of the Gastrointestinal Tract. Everything I eat goes right though me, I can't eat if I want to go anywhere, and I can't 'hold it.' If I want to go somewhere tomorrow, I can't eat ANYTHING at all today. Depending on how long I plan on being in a car, I can't eat for many days. I just moved from NY to NC hoping to find a doctor who can and will help me because 3 of the doctors in NY refused to help me because they either thought I was lying about my symptoms because I'm fat or they think all of the symptoms are a result of a mental disorder. I'm also diabetic and not eating for prolonged periods of time is making me feel worse. In order to make the trip from NY to NC, I couldn't eat anything for 10 days. All I had was water and clear gatorade, and clear capri sun. Even then, I had to wear a diaper to ensure there were no accidents. I couldn't even have chicken broth because it wasn't clear and I would have 'accidents.' I love salads, fruits, and vegetables but they make my condition worse. I can be in my own 600 sq ft apartment and still not make it to the bathroom. I've had these symptoms for more than half of my life and my quality of life is poor. I can't exercise other than 'walking' in my apartment because if I get too far from a bathroom, I'll have an accident. I can't run to the bathroom either because I had my spine fused. I moved to NC hoping Duke University Hospital could help me. All of the doctors I have seen have done tests. I've had 11 colonoscopies, 3 endoscopies, upper GI series, lower GI series, defacography, x-rays, MRI's, and CT scans. I've tried diet changes, herbs, vitamins, minerals, prescription medications, and I've even tried eating clay. (all of which were suggested by a doctor) I'm at wits end. Please help.