eviep11 posted:
Hello everyone. I'm so glad I found this community. I feel like I'm going through this alone. In may I came down with what I thought was a cold or allergies...was put on antibiotics three times..cough syrup...inhalers and even a nebulizer treatment. I took antihistames and the cough seemed to die down, but I'm still dealing with it and here we are almost August and i'm still not better. since I began the "throat clearing" after I ate before the "cold or allergy symptom" I began to research and found information about LPR and since I had been diagnosed with Gastritus back in March after an endoscopy i began taking Protonix (one a day) with no results. I went to see an ENT a week ago and I really like him. He took a look down my throat and said my esophagus was inflamed and swollen confirming his suspicions of LPR. He put me on a treatment of Nexium twice a day and a 300mg zantac at night. and advised that I change my diet drastically to an Acid Reflux diet. My insurance won't pay for 2 nexiums a day so they are just covering one and the other i'm paying cash ;( . Very expensive. anyawy I've been following this regimen religiously for a week now and I'm still feeling the same. Some days are better than others. My main complaint is the mucus at the back of my throat (constant lump)...and the cough . the cough does not wake me at night or anything it's just all during the day. I've learned to supress it as much as I can, but the "feeling" or urge to cough is pretty much always there. The ENT said this is a long process, and that I should see results in THREE months!! I was wondering how long it took anyone out there after starting this regimen to at least start noticing a difference..I'm feeling very frustrated and sad. thank you for any information.
vasp4 responded:
have some thing similiar to your ailment. severe cough and cold inapril and still have a dry cough every now and then. i also have reflux but sleep ok at night as i use a cpap machine for sleep apnea. i am now doing a bravo capsule ph monitoring for 48 hours. am on nexium and motillium. i have also seen a pulmonar y dr who has found nothing wrong wit my lungs but has asked me to see an ent and do an ultra sound of my throat.