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    IBS and stomach pain
    Fanaticalbob posted:
    Hi all... My symptoms started a few months ago and tend to come and go. Recently I have been experiencing it more often. Gasy and bloated. Fluctuate between loose bowel movements and mild constipation. Stomach feel acidic often and some times have heart burn. Sharp gas pains speckle my day, but belching and passing gas brings relief. Laying down also makes it better. My doctor prescribed aciphex for the burning and told me to start taking align. I stopped taking the aciphex since it caused more diarrhea. It's only been a little over a week, slight improvement but I am getting frustrated. Going to see a gastro doctor at the end of the month. Just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms or experience with this?
    An_247004 responded:

    Sounds like a lot of the problems I've had. If I have more than one bowel movement in a day, I get nausea and lethargic. Often, I have a constant urge to go which feels like bloating in the stomach. If I do go, I feel better short term, which is proceeded by an urge to often go more and further bloating. I have similar bouts with diarrhea. I've pretty much restricted my diet to that of a few foods. It doesn't solve much but I am less sick.

    I wish I had an answer as to what will work, but I've yet to find one on my own. Short of Doctors telling me Gastritis, IBS, and Gastric Dumping, I have no answers or solutions. I do take Librax which helps a bit. It's done more than any other drug, but definitely doesn't stop the problem. It takes 10% of the edge off per say.

    Best advice is hope you find a Dr. with some answers. I'm still traversing those roads. I just went for blood work and think all my problems are leading to anemia now.

    So you aren't alone.

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