I'm always in the bathroom. What is going on?
Korvett22 posted:
Greetings to all,
I am 29 years old, male.
There is something weird going on with me.
I find myself in the bathroom urinating alot, and I mean ALOT.
There are times when I think I'm done I've already washed my hands and I'm walking out of the bathroom and next thing you know as I'm walking out I've got the urge to urinate again! So I go back and I begin urinating again, sometimes I'll be in there for a few minutes waiting for all of it to come out since it comes out in sets I guess you could say. (For example some will come out then stop, but I can feel that I'm not done yet so I'll wait and then it will start coming out again and sometimes it repeats that process a few times) I could be in the bathroom for a good while just urinating, it's frustrating! And I'm also finding it harder to "Hold It In" when I have to go.
I have to run to the bathroom sometimes.
It does not hurt when I urinate nor is it bloody, it looks and smells normal.
I'm physically fit I exercise regularly, I rarely drink alcohol, I don't smoke, heck I haven't had sex in 5 months.
I do however drink lots of water and eat as much fruit as I can everyday, like I always do.
I've never experienced this before.
Does anyone know what might be wrong here?