Severe abdominal pain
glduke posted:
I am a 69 year old female with good general health and take no prescriptions. I have been diagnosed over the years as a person with IBS. I drink an occasional beer or glass of wine. Just one. I do not eat eggs or drink milk. For over a year I been experiencing severe abdominal pain. I have sharp pain in the waist all the way into my back (also at the waist height). The pain is so severe it causes vomiting. Often accompanied by small bowel movements. This condition started in the Spring of 2010 and lasted several months. During this time I had every test imaginable. The physicians could not come up with any diagnosis for the problem. It seemed to just go away and life was fairly normal. Recently I had two episodes and also severe Vertigo requiring ER visit. I have tried eliminating foods, but honestly don't think any particular food is triggering the symptoms. Does any one have these exact symptoms? How do you get relief? This is no way to live. Thanks.

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Severe abdominal pain with vomitting
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