Digestive Problems
CaseyShane posted:
Hello my name is Casey & I'm 17, for the last two months I haven't been able to go to he bathroom normally. I've gone 12 times in the last two months and I'll tell you its not easy to go. It hurts so bad and its hard like a brick, and I always bleed (a lot.) I'm not sure why it's like this I haven't changed my diet at all but, I have lost weight over this time. Someone please tell me what you know or even think you know. I hate going to the doctor (especially with something like this!)
missingthepoint responded:
You really need to see a doctor as soon as you can. In the mean time, you might start taking a stool softener, like colace. It's possible you have something simple like an anal fissure from constipation, but since you've lost weight and are passing lots of blood... you really need to talk to a doctor. Please do so asap.
CaseyShane replied to missingthepoint's response:
Ohh, well thanks. & Do you know of any special digestive dotors in Oklahoma?