Could symptoms be realted to Dairy allergy/Lactose intolerance?
An_247777 posted:
Hello, My 22 year old daughter called complaining of increased thirst, increased urination and decreased appetite over past few days. She also recently was told by her chiropractor that she has low blood pressure. Of note, she states she has been drinking 6-8 camelback water bottles full of water a day- minimum. This is more than twice what she usually consumes. She often can go literally all day without urinating, so these are definite changes for her. Also possibly of note, she has a dairy allergy/lactose intolerance and somewhat chronic low iron. She does try to take a calcium supplement. She does eat yogurt and occasional foods containing dairy such as pizza, so is getting some calcium/vitamin D that way. Of course looking on-line symptom checkers is scary- there are several conditions which have these as symptoms. She also was once told she had high calcium levels.(hyperparathyroid?!) She was trying yesterday to get a doctor's appointment. Meanwhile, how concerned should she/I be? Thank you!
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hiya and welcome,

Oh there really is no guessing at this. I'm glad she is following up with the doctor. She needs to be seen and share all her symptoms. Let us know how things go please.