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Help! Could I have a digestive disorder?
An_247807 posted:
Hello, I am a 25 Y/O male. Non smoker, very light drinker, moderately active considering I work full time and am a part time student. Lately I have been having a lot of digestive, weight gain issues and other issues and wanted to get some expert advice. I've done a bit of digging and asking around. I've been told it may be hypothyroidism or possibly a gluten issue.

About 3 years ago I weighed somewhere around 145-150lbs. After a job change, I gained some weight and went up to around 165lbs and I chalked it up to stress due to the new job. My diet did not change, nor did my activity level. I stayed around this weight for about years. About a year ago, I started another new job and in the course of the first three to four months I moved up to around 190-195lbs. Once again, my diet and activity level did not change. I've stayed at this weight to this day.

After I gained the weight I started to notice a lot of digestive issues in the past 4-5 months.
-Firstly, I've had reflux like issues for years and it use to be manageable using over the counter acid meds, but they are starting to lose their effectiveness.
-Next, I've noticed that it doesn't matter what I eat, I always end up feeling extremely bloated and my stomach makes A LOT of audible noise afterwards.
-I'm often constipated and most of my bowel movements contain blood, wether on the stool, the toilet paper or both. My bowel movements are also extremely inconsistent. Some days I will have one, some days none and some days it can be as many as three.
-When I urinate standing and feel like I am finished, I end up leaking a noticeable amount of urine into my underwear after I have shaken and put it away. I also very rarely will find small amounts of urine in my underwear upon waking up.

Other symptoms in the last 4-5 months include:
-Almost non existent labido
-Lethargy, lack of motivation
-Trouble waking without half a dozen alarm clocks
-Painful quarter sized lumpy briuse looking thing on my waistline and the top of my right buttock that has been there for 3+ years (doctor said it was normal?)

Just looking for some possible direction or ideas as to figuring out what is going on.


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