So many symptoms, don't know what it is
An_248062 posted:
I have been feeling exhausted continuously since I can remember. I feel like I need a nap mid day, everyday. I am also experiencing headaches daily throughout the day. I am a 36 year old female and 15 lbs overweight but am active. My iron level has been checked and doctor just says it is life, but I cannot keep being this exhausted and dealing with migraines daily. Does it sound like celiac symptoms, should I change my diet?
calgal37 responded:
It's possible the symptoms could be related to a gluten sensitivity. It couldn't hurt to try changing your diet and see what happens over the next several weeks. Remember, you have to remove all wheat, rye and barley to do a decent test.

If you'd like to check to see if you're carrying the genes for either celiac or gluten sensitivity, you can go to and order a cheek-swab test. The results will be returned in about 2 weeks time and the explanation of the results will give you a darned good idea of where you stand.
praterboys replied to calgal37's response:
Thanks, I will order the test! I am just tired of hearing that this is normal, it can't be normal to feel like crap everyday.