Hiatal Hernia 911
misscarriea7x posted:
I am 24 years old. female. i have had a hiatal hernia since i was a kid (diagnosed through scope test) normally i just get occasional heart burn.. nothing serious.

well... 3 weeks ago i was awakened by throwing up stomach acid (which happens sometimes cuz of the hernia in my esophogus so as much as it sucked.. i was used to it) well the next morning... i was sick and throwing up bad.. and throwing up chunks of blood... (which i figured was from the acid the night before so i just figured no big deal... itll heal. well.. EVER since then (so the last 3 weeks) ive been very sick. getting a sour taste in my mouth frequently and it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me salivate a LOT. I cant eat or drink hardly anything without getting sick... and when i get sick... its uncontrolable vomit until my stomach is empty and im about to pass out... and its projectile vomit. even when i drink water, this will happen. I am getting HORRIBLE chest pains that radiate into my back and i feel like someone is squeezing my esophogus, so my swallowing is limited. i went to the ER last week.. and they said its either my hernia or a stomach ulcer and that i needed a scope asap. the insurance company wont preapprove the scope test and i cant go see a gastroenterologist until i pay $500 up front.. and i dont have that.. let alone to see just to see the doc to do a scope test. im losing energy... i have to take 2 150 mg (the highest dosage) Zantac at night just to be able to sleep... but i cant take more then 2 in a 24 hour period... so im SOL during the day. (just one doesnt cut it and i have to take 2 at night otherwise im sick all night). SO now im stuck with.. "is this serious enough to return to the er and get hydrated before i get into worse shape and HOPE someone can do a scope test through the hospital so the insurance will approve it" or do i wait and hope it gets better? I take two bites of something and instantly start to throw up and i keep projective vomiting over and over until my stomach is empty.. even when i drink water. im losing nutrition... i have a potassium deficiency. i now sleep 16 hours a day.. (maybe more) the chest pains and the esophogus pain is becoming highly uncomfortable....