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An_248158 posted:

I am 27 year old female that has had stomach issues on and off for about a year and a half. I have seen my doctor about 15 times over the last year but at this point have given up. My symptoms are primarily at night and it is hugely affecting my sleeping patterns. Whenever I lay on my back my stomach is constantly making "gassy bubble" feelings. It gets to the point where it is painful and feels like one of the "bubbles" is going to pop. If I lay on my side( left side primarily) the pain lessens and i am able to fall asleep. This is usually when I roll on to my back and I am then woken with a start feeling like I am going to vomit. Prior to my stomach acting up, my throat was bothering me, as in it felt like i had a ball stuck in my throat. It mostly felt like when you get emotional about something and you get a lump in your throat.

When I say that i wake with a start, i mean i am laying there and then shoot straight up into a sitting position. I have been to the doctor who diagonosed me with acid reflux and gave me 3 different types of PPI's and none had any real effect on me. I then went to have a scope procedure( cant remember the name of this) to see if I had a hernia. The doctors took a biopsy of my stomach tissue and found no hernia ( although the quality of treatment I recieved was appalling... first off, they didn't put me to sleep at all, just drugged me, put the scope down my throat at which i proceeded to gag and vomit all over myself so im not sure how they could have seen much). The results found nothing wrong. I have also had an ultrasound done of my GI tract which also found nothing.

I no longer(over 2 years) drink heavily or eat badly ( as these seem to aggrivate the promblem). I am not going crazy, there is seriously something wrong here and I am just wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms?

mperry461 responded:
Your not alone, I had what i would call a weak stomach for years and have been suffering from being sick to my stomach everyday for the past two years now . The latest thing they think it is (peptic ulcer ) . I don't believe that that is the problem, it feels to me to be something much more serious. Only because of how consistant it has been. My stomach is very sore to the touch . and I am normally the sicker in the morning but feel sick almost all day long. I wish the best for you and you find a good doctor to help you !

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