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Gallbladder removal and burning headache and heartburn
jcmille posted:
I had my gallbladder removed in April 2012. About a month after, I started getting these burning headaches and having alot of heartburn. It was a daily occurrence and I even went to the ER and got a CT and then went to a neurologists. He thought the burning might be because of cervical neck degeneration and did an MRI. Nothing bad enough on the MRI to say that it was causing this burning headache. He put me on a medication called gabapentin. At first 100mg twice a day. I thought it was helping some for a week or so but then it still was happening two or three times a week (the bad headache and burning) He then upped the dosage to 200mg twice a day. It was making me feel miserable and tired and I was still getting the hearburn and some burning and headaches.

I went to my dentist who suggested that maybe it had something to do with my jaw and TMJ because I have had some issues with this. I have always been a teeth clencher and the burning was mostly on my right side at first. At its worse it felt like a sunburn on top of my head. Anytime I told a doctor this they would give me a strange look. Maybe it was migraines they would say but that they never heard of burning headaches. Anyway, my dentist suggested I get botox injections used for migranes and for the TMJ. The thought was that if I was clenching alot that it could cause a lot of tension and headaches etc. The botox would paralyze the muscles a little so that when I did clench it would not allow the muscles to fully tighten. I got shots around the perimeter of my face, jaws and top of forehead. I have to say it has helped. I do however still get the heartburn and burning in my chest and head (some) but 90% better. Maybe some of it is the TMJ but being that it started after the gallbladder, I really feel it has something to do with indigestion and heartburn. Keeping a diary of foods everyday. Salty foods seem to help temporarily???

If anyone has any answers please comment. I do not understand why I have seen this issue often on the internet but doctors seem so puzzled when I try to make the connection. Very tired of having this issue. Any input or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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