any food i eat i get gas in my stomach?
montanez67 posted:
have a bad problem with gas and the foods thjat eat give me gas and what ever i eat i get bloaded and my stomach hurts what can i do please help me
aedyrn78 responded:
I have a similar problem. I find taking digestive enzymes helps somewhat. However, no doctors have been able to give me any answers as to why this happens.
lindatieger responded:
Try taking probiotics and digestive enzymes.
I had the same problem and I had several tests done.
I figured it out myself:
I checked out the supplements I take and stopped any where there was a side effect of gas, belching, nausea and lack of appetite.
One brand of calcium was a culprit. Also check the side effects of any medication you take. I stopped taking Effexor and changed to another drug.
Check out supplements/meds at; it's user friendly. Good luck.
ARochelle responded:
I have had severe stomach issues for almost 20 years now and gas and distention are the worst culprits! After a plethora of tests & doctors & getting my gallbladder removed, the main issues I have with gas are mainly dairy products. The best thing to do is an elemination diet. It takes time, actually helps save money on groceries & helps get to the issue. Cut out all foods except for the basics - fruits, veggies and whole wheat breads only. Then after a week slowly incorporate foods, you'll find out real fast which ones are giving you the issues. Good luck!!
clipper1956 responded:
You need to try eating greek yogurt. It helps with digestion and its pretty tasty when you get the ones that have fruit with them.