managing my cronic pancreatitis
teddijo1970 posted:
need help ive been diognosed with cronic pancriatitis for many years i am 42 i have problems dealing with the pain i cannot find a doctor to prescribe me any pain meds i have been on pain meds before and was introduced to methadone for treatment it was a life savor i was so close to ending my life i had a great doc that prescribe me it and percocete for breakthrough he left state and i was left to find a new doc that was four years ago i had no choice but to go to the methodone clinic to get my life saving methadone but had to lie and say im an addict which i am not i have to go everyday i will do what i have to to stay out of pain and not suicidal because i cant bear it but feel like there should be another alternative for me im on state assistance im disabled my pancriatis has caused me to be insulin dependent i need help i have been having more outbreaks latley and need help ive had 30 ercps and was just released from the hospital after a four day stay please any help will help i feel so alone ty teddi