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Unknown Illness, Need Help!
Angieroo92 posted:
Hi i'm Angela, I'm only 20 years old and I have an unknown problem that I need help with. I have gone multiple times to my family doctor, the obgyn, and to the hospital once, they did not help me what so ever, and I don't have he money to keep going. I know their is something really wrong, I know i'm not crazy, I just think they are not looking at the things they need to.
My family doctor says it's just "girl problems" but that's not where the pain is coming from and he does not understand that. He just gave me pain pills and told me to go to my gynocologist, so i did. She found nothing wrong.
So here's my story of the problem I'm experiencing. About a year ago I started to have these pains in my abdominal area. The pain woke me up one night from my sleep. It was so severe i was crying and shouting in pain. All I could do is curl myself up into a ball, but the pain was still horrendous. The pain came on suddenly, and it goes in pulses, it will severely hurt, get dull and achy, then get severe again. After a couple hours it stopped and i was able to sleep, the next day it came back throughout the day every couple of hours. And that night it was so sever I was vomiting and my parents took me to the hospital.
At the hospital they thought maybe my appendix burst, or i had kidney stones, things along those lines. They said the only thing they were certain of is I had an infection and so they treated that with antibiotics. My ultrasound of my uterus apparently showed some sort of blobs so they thought I had ovarian cyst. My family doctor said they will go away in time so he gave me the pain pills I have been using for a year now.
But none of that has been helping, my pain feels like it is coming from my intestines, something they did not check. When I have these pains its really hard to make a bowl movement, it brings me so much pain I cry and sometimes even throw up. Also sometimes I find i have bloody stools, which is really scary.
My pains used to come about once a month randomly, their was no pattern, but now they are only weeks apart. I had one 2 weeks ago, and I had another episode just on Friday which lasted 3 whole days. It seems to be getting more frequent and more painful. I threw up a lot, and I haven't ate much in a while since it irritates the pain. I still even feel sick today.
These are my symptoms that go along with my unknown condition:
Severe pain in my abdominal
Painful and sometimes bloody stools
Nausea and Vomiting
Diarrhea and Constipation
Headache and dizziness
Fever and Irritability
And dull pain around the areas where my kidneys are.
Please I really need help! Next time I go to the doctor I want an idea of what it is so I can stop wasting money on useless test . I need to know soon, I don;t know how much more of this I can take. Thank you.
akayb responded:
One of my best friends has very similar symptoms as yours. Her doctors were not sure what was going on and she was put through numerous test for over a year. After another 6 months she was finally diagnosed with Crohns Disease. I am not an expert but I would research it and talk to your doctor about it. Hope this helps.
JesseCorlett responded:
Hi Angela sorry to hear about the pain you are going through physically and mentally.

I am not an expert but I can offer you information from my past experiences this year.

I roughly went through all the same symptoms as you described.

Abdominal Pain
Nausea from pain
Lack of sleep
Diarrhea and bloody stools
No appetite

This happened for roughly a year for me and just kept getting more severe and severe until i went to my doctors and they ordered a ultrasound on my abdomin which showed a flare in my ilium (last section of small intestines).

I had to get a CT scan after that which is kinda like an x ray, basically you get a needle and hold your breathe while the machine is focused on your body.

The results came back and i had some sort of ilitis which happened to be Crohns disease which is an inflamatory bowel disease.

Basically the brain doesn't recognize a part of your body and tries to fight it which causes that part of your body to flare up and in most cases its the ilium (small intestine), but can also range from the throat down too your bowels in crohns disease.

You may have a small flare up which is slowly increasing in your intestines to be a worse flare up, hence the pain from the food passing through while its inflamed.

This may be causing the bloody stools - diarhoea and constapation.

When i went to my doctor with all these symptons she had no idea what it could be and so she ordered me to see the radiologists first to get some scans. I highly recomend talking to a doctor about your symptoms and asking them if it could be illitis, crohns disease or any other Inflamtor Bowel Disease, then going on from there.

If it gets really bad best bet is the emergency at the hospital. But then again im not from the states or anything and im in Australia so health care is free in public hospitals. So you may have to dip into some sort of funds, but i would get it checked before it gets worse.

my case I left my run late and dealt through the pain only to go to the emergency and getting surgery on my ilium, which sucked.

Good Luck!

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