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Chronic Issues With Stomach - Indigestion
smith8577 posted:
My problem started 3 months ago after taking this product called Advocare & at the same time I started taking Synthroid For Thyroid, Heaviness on My chest and a Pressure under my Breast Bone that was the most painful feeling. Bloating was bad. I felt like I could burp and couldn't, There was also a stinging feeling I experienced, and swollen gums. I would have anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, Because of the pressure in my stomach got so bad, they did all these test on me, gallbladder checked out fine, Xray just showed I was impacted. I had a upper endoscopy and I had a Small Hernia and Gastritis. However doctor said my symptoms didn't match up with these findings. Put me on alot of Acid Reducers & I Got NO Relief, the only thing that happened was I became Deficient in B12 because of the Prilosec, and the Carafate & there is one stronger can't think of right now. Well here it is I am still experiencing all these problems. With no one telling me why I am experiencing this. What else can they do to find out what is wrong? Doctor doesn't seem to want to find out what is going on, I have never been so miserable in my life. The pain radiates around to the center of my back. I have tried everything natural under the sun, Apple Cider Vinegar, to Digestive Enzymes and I have had Colonics done to no relief, I am desperate to find relief. Does anyone have any Ideas of what it could be or anything they have tried to help them feel better? Anyone here have similar issues? Thank you
tmckimmy responded:
About six months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on synthroid, I have noticed that I can't drink milk or eat some veggies without having gass and bloating now. I use to have chest pains, racing heart and shortness of breath before I started taking the synthroid. Do you have your thyroid levels checked regularly?
smith8577 replied to tmckimmy's response:
Yes I do, thanks for your reply I got to researching my problems started before I was put on Synthroid. Iam on a very low dose. Im still having problems been 4 months now. Does your bloating and gas happen soon after you take the synthroid? I couldnt sleep last few days due to shortness of.breathe. I just had it rechecked and it.was ok. I have addisons disease too. Biggest complaint is bloating and pain under my breast a burning sensation.
nofnad replied to tmckimmy's response:
Synthroid is a synthetic medicine. Before it was available, people were taking natural thyroid medicine.
I was lucky enough to have my obstetrician interested in natural products. She put me on THYROID, a natural compound from Women's Pharmacy or Hopewell Pharmacy. Either one, with a prescription, can send you the medicine. You need to get blood test to determine the strength of the compound to be adapted to your need.
This compound will alleviate you symptoms from Synthroid.
Good luck.
joyous6 responded:
Okay, what does Advocare have to do with your issues? Are you saying that i caused it?

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