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    Searching for possible answers
    sparkles14 posted:
    My symptoms are not new to me, they come for a while and go away for a while... They consist of a constant dull, crampy, uncomfortable stomach ache acompanied by mild nausea and moderate lower abdominal pain. I feel worse if i eat ANYTHING, and there is a change in my BM during the time that I experience this stomach change for however long it may last each time. I also Have Ovarian Cysts and experience irregular bleeding so I am aware some of my pain is related to that. I also happen to be a long time sufferer of chronic back pain which makes the situation much more frustrating bc I already dont sleep well... Im only 28!! However, im curious, if IBS is something that has over the past 6 months or so become an issue for me or if it has all been related. I also occasionally have very sharp chest pains but have perfect chest x-rays and echoes. I feel like my PCP thinks I am crazy but I know how I feel!
    govandals49 responded:
    I am having literally, to the "t," the same issues. Have you heard anything new?
    sparkles14 replied to govandals49's response:
    No! Had been seeing OBGYN thought ovarian cysts were cause, last appointment said they had gone or shrunk and he referred me to a GI specialist next month.
    nofnad responded:
    Hello Sparkles14,
    So sorry you are in so much pain all the time.
    For the Ovarian Cysts: Under her obstetrician doctor, my daughter is taking flax oil and flax seeds in her cereal and most importantly Prime rose oil. According to her doctor this oil is perfectly adapted to our female reproductive system. No more episode of cysts eruption and run to the hospital.
    For your nausea and digestive problem: I recommend you look into Apple Cider vinegar with its "Mother" ( Look into the internet for benefits of ACV). I personally, after a long hesitation, have taken a tsp of ACV with organic honey and water in the morning and got a spontaneous relief of constant stomach pains. I have regained my serenity.
    At your age this is a shame you have so many ailments.
    In addition to these recommendations I would strongly recommend that you get your thyroid checked. If it is unbalanced it can create all kind of problems. Doctors are trained to give medicine not to give natural solutions to physical problem. You need to assert your need and get that thyroid checked.

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