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Digestive problems immediately after gallbladder surgery...
mindyaptheker posted:
It's been almost 10 years since my gallbladder surgery and my digestive problems have slowly become quite severe.
I wake up every morning in gut-wrenching pain; right where the gallbladder had been sucked out- The belly button. I get up, make some peppermint tea, then the pain subsides.
I've done everything in the book. you name it; been up[ and down the coast, seeking a G.I. doctor with a compassionate heart...nothing!
2 years ago I set up a meeting the the surgeon who had performed
the operaion , he showed no concern, only offering this statement,
"you have sledge"
When I asked him for a cop[y of the video that was taken duing the procedure, he convieniently replied that the camera had malfunctioned and there had been no video recorded. The Dr. or some one on his surgical staff closed me up a bit to tightly; near the transvere colon.
I don't know for sure, but it feels like someone was in a rush.
As far as diet, I've done eveything imaginable.
Isthere a way to hold this Doctor responsible for explaining to the Fl. medical board, in detail, what happened and how my surgery was conducted? I know, scar tissue is inevidible, but this seems uncessarily large and unprofessionally done.
If anyone can give me some wise advice, I'd really appreciate it!

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