Feels like something is stuck in my throat AND chest
jendesposito posted:
Problems that I am having and when they all started...
Last Friday, I started itching really bad, the places that I itched welted and/or had bumps forming like hives (still am itching and having the welts and bumps). Saturday morning, I woke to really bad stomach cramps and a major diarrhea issue that last 6-7 days. My throat started to hurt like I was getting another flu or something on Monday. Went to see a Dr. He told me that I have a major stomach virus, throat infection, allergic reaction to things that I have never been allergic to before, and I have a UTI.
When I was able to have feelings of hunger, I started eating normal meals with my family again, ever since I started eating NORMAL meals, I have been having a feeling like there is something stuck in my chest and my throat. I am taking Cipro for my infections and virus as well as Methylprednisolone for my itching, plus I have been using a cheap version of Benadryl and a cheap version of Maalox Advanced.

I started eating only yogurt since it was stated to be the best thing to eat with any stomach issue, BUT, I did have 3 small cups of coffee today, now drinking water as well. No more coffee, but even with the yogurt, I am stilling feeling like there is something stuck in my chest and throat. I really can use some answers regarding this so I know what I should do from here on out. I hate having this pain in my chest, it hurts too much and I am still a little hungry from only eating ONE serving of yogurt so far today. Please help me find answers!