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Acid Reflux or anxiety?
An_249371 posted:
I'm kind of losing my mind here. I'm not able to go to a doctor, so I'm depending on the internet until house calls are made possible again.
I've been told I could have acid reflux, or even GERD. I sometimes get this burn in the back of my throat. It's not all over, it feels like it's always in one exact spot. I never get heartburn. I've kept a food diary, and it doesn't seem to be related to what I eat. A few months ago I would have these dry-heave attacks. They've stopped for now, and they didn't happen accompanied with this small burning feeling. Now, I haven't had an attack in a while but I still feel kind of vulnerable. I assumed that part was just my anxiety, as it's been bad for a long time.
The most I can do to help is take a Tumz, and I'm scared because I read they can make it worse in time. Sometimes trying to eat an apple or have some milk can help, but not always.
It started rather suddenly a few months ago with the attacks. The burning and gaggy feeling is not constant. I just want to know if it's possible to just develop it that suddenly? Or if maybe it's because of my anxiety, how do I try to fix it? If I can try to get my anxiety better, will the symptoms go away or am I cursed with this for good?

I'm also very emetophobic, so that could be why I feel sick. I'm hardly ever nauseated.

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