sick of this...advice?
Eloise0613 posted:
I have been having increasingly serious problems with my UC, and I don't know what to do. I'm allergic to mesalamine, sulfa drugs, and my only option is Biologics. I did Remicade over a year ago, and it made me seriously mental. I became obsessed with my own death and as a result of using it and working, I ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which obviously hasn't gone away. My answer to all this has been to eat a lot less, and now I'm eating practically nothing...I think I may have an eating disorder, but I'd rather starve than deal with the pain of UC. I'm just so sick of being sick....sick of UC and CFS, and the depression and anxiety that go with it. I really just want to die. Advice?
calgal37 responded:
Eloise, it's no cure, but have you tried using probiotics? One form, VSL#3 has been shown to be clinically effective for some individuals with UC.
Eloise0613 replied to calgal37's response:
Yes, I have tried it with no results....thanks anyway.