Gallbladder pain, low HIDA, what's the wait?
An_249545 posted:
I am in horrible pain throughout my liver, pancreatic, and gallbladder areas, with no obstructions showing on ultrasound. HIDA score indicates 15% function, and I get very ill when I eat fat. GI did an ultrasound 11 months ago for GERD and now he wants to do another one, and test stool for parasites, etc., all which will cost much money and take weeks according to his schedule. Is this all really necessary when it's obvious that the GB is not working?

My pancreas is inflamed and swelling against my ribcage and my urine has been swelling sickly sweet for several days. I'm afraid I might have ballbladder-blockage induced pancreatitis. I am a thin 44-year-old female. Thanks.