frightening stomach issues
monica08 posted:
I'm a 22 year old female and I have been have weird stomach issues since 2011. It either happens twice a year, or like last year it was 3 times i believe. It ALWAYS happen right when I go to bed and the symptoms are a mild dull wavy feeling in my stomach that would get worse through the night. I feel like something is coating my stomach and i began to breathe heavy and shake. I feel like sometimes i can throw up. my arms, legs,and fingers would get numb and my mouth would get really dry. I also have a paranoia of vomiting so i always get out of bed, hoping that watching tv will come me down. it would last for like 6 to 8 hours and then i can feel myself getting back to normal. most times i would have a bowel movement at least twice while feeling like this, but its always too soft, never firm enough. i doubt it can be a virus, but i feel like it could be a bacteria i got from eating something. my stomach doesn't seem strong and i wonder if i have a food allergy as well. it seems like i can't withstand food with high dosage of processed ingredients like msg.
i never have pain just nausea and dizzy spells.
also could my brain make me feel sick if im thinking too much about getting sick?
chapochap responded:
might be a stomach infection h. poyleri. might need to see ur doctor for antibiotics.
chapochap replied to chapochap's response:
mean h pylori infection