Just Discovered a Fistula - Help
Anon_163686 posted:
Seeking advice and learn from those with experience with a fistula.

A year ago I had surgery to remove a anal cyst. Surgery was successful and it took almost a year for the wound to completely heal. Now that the wound has successfully healed a fistula popped up and got infected. It drained on it's own but now my colorectal surgeon want's to do surgery on the fistula.

He said the fistula is superficial - meaning I guess it's not in deep. But of course anytime surgery is suggested, especially having just recovered from my surgery a year ago I am hesitant.

I read mainly nightmares about people having fistula surgeries and it not curing it and in some worst cases people have had over 7 surgeries. Is this just because people are more apt to post about a bad experience versus those with successful experience do not post, or should I be concerned about having surgery and seek an alternative fix - though it appears there are not much?

I'm 29yo male.
Anon_125043 responded:
Curing posterior fistula with ghee and milk.http://goodguy.hubpages.com/hub/Cure-for-anal-fistula
Step 1. Scoop a tablespoon of ghee and swallow it with a little milk.
Step 2. Then finish drinking the glass of warm milk.

Hope this helps

There are several such forums to cure this using natural methods. Pure Ghee available in most Indian groceries.