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    At last straws
    An_249856 posted:
    They took my gall bladder out in 2009 and I've had issues off and on since then. A lot of gas causes swelling right under my ribs to look like I'm pregnant. Will last for days at a time. At one point I looked like I'd been beaten by a bat all over my torso for no reason what so ever. The latest has been on-going diarrhea since Thanksgiving filled with blood off and on. Done several tests and the doctors only get negative results. I need to fix my insides but can't do the supplements and would like to know what kind of diet I need to be doing to help calm my insides. Don't know exactly what the issue is if it's Colitis or what. Gluten isn't an issue ironically. I already tried that and it didn't make any improvements. Suggestions? Cause I can't keep doing nothing and no one else seems to have any answers on how to help.
    calgal37 responded:
    Start with a low fat diet. You can find suggestions at under the diets tab.

    What specific tests were done so far to try to find the cause of the blood and diarrhea? Have you had a colonoscopy? If so, did they do biopsies and have you read the reports of that test? Have you personally read the reports of all the tests you've had done? I know that may sound strange, but sometimes some small things can be unfortunately overlooked. Reading those papers could be important.

    How long did you go gluten free? It can sometimes take several months to see a difference.
    stormisigns replied to calgal37's response:
    They had me fill 5 different stool tubes to test why there was blood. They didn't give me the results. Just called over the phone and said that it was all negative. They did the colonoscopy before they took out the gall bladder and it was perfectly fine but nothing since then.

    I did the gluten free for about a month before the gall bladder was taken out. Everyone tried to tell me that it was nothing but I knew it was something and it took almost a full year before someone did a ct scan to find the gall stones despite all of the begging I had done before hand. I've moved since then but I'm still working on finding doctors that will listen. However, being a college student that pays for my own classes and a car payment affording gluten free right now is impossible.

    I had been on a ton of various anti-biotics for various things all at once while they tried to resolve my massive sinus infection that wouldn't go away so they have told me that it's mostly just colonitis. And since my parents have IBS they said to just be sure to watch what I eat. However, I'm still doing the diarrhea and don't want to live off of immodium like they have given me since Thanksgiving, but I'm going to have to call and go back because it just won't stop.
    stormisigns replied to stormisigns's response:
    They have finally decided to do a colonoscopy and do a biopsy to rule out Chron's and Ulcerative Colitis on Feb 15th. They are also testing for gluten intolerance. Wish me luck!
    JENTAT replied to stormisigns's response:
    I have had chronic diarrhea for over a year, which started after a root canal got infected and I took large doses of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. All stool tests came back negative. Most blood work looks O.K. except I am anemic. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy last week which show that I have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) and microscopic colitis; which is apparently not associated with Chrones or Colitis. I have a follow up with my G.I. Dr. next week to review my results and discuss treatment.

    I took pedisone for a spell of poison ivy and had relief from my diarrhea for a week, but the G.I. Dr. would not prescribe this without a diagnosis. Good Luck with your belly. I will keep you posted if my doctor gives me any advice that may help you.
    calgal37 replied to JENTAT's response:
    Jentat, in some cases MC can be associated with dietary issues such as celiac disease, gluten intolerance and/or issues with dairy products. Be sure to investigate that angle of things. There's some good information on MC on the website.
    stormisigns replied to calgal37's response:
    They actually moved up my tests from Feb 15th to Jan 30th so hopefully we can get some answers!

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