Bowel Movements not complete.
Truckie84 posted:
I cannot seem to consistently pass a complete bowel movement. The normal for me is to have the urge to take a poop and go to the toilet. Once I feel like all is done I wipe to find a considerable amount of feces still left on the verge of exiting my rectum. Sometimes I will go 2 days without pooping and some days I will have to go everyday but it is not really consistent. The bowel movements are not hard or overly soft they just seem to not ever be complete. after I wipe a considerable amount and think im clean I have to re-check myself a little while later and always find some residual feces to clean up. Every now and then, about once every 2 weeks, I will have a normal bowel movement that feels the same as the previous but is complete. This has been going on for about a year and I have been to embarrassed to talk about it. Please help me with any suggestions.