What to do about gall bladder polyps.?
Anon_145116 posted:
l am a fit and healthy 40yr old and had a health check. the ultrasound in ab area showed that my gall bladder had polyps. how should l vary my diet? l usually enjoy steamed green veg twice a day with couple of tablespoons of extra virgin oil. should l cut the oil out. l suffer no pain from this and wouldn't know otherwise. what should l do to make sure all is ok, frequent body checks like once a yr?
kindly give related information.
calgal37 responded:
Gallbladder polyps are in a different category from what a change in diet can accomplish. Polyps are now considered in the same category as polyps anywhere else in the body. The current recommendation is that they be removed, and since they can't be removed with out removing the gallbladder itself, that is what is suggested. In years in the past, a doc would typically say if they grew to a specific size then the little sac should go, but that's not what is currently being done. Polyps in most places in the body are now viewed as precancerous and taken out. Check with your doctor.
nixodian replied to calgal37's response:
kindly give me reference to "The current recommendation"