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left arm pain, shoulder, chest
jokerx069 posted:
It all started last year around july 2012, with bad heart burn and occasional chest pain. A few months of that I went to the dr and was diagnosed as gerd, gave me Prilosec otc and went home. It helped a lil but the pain seem to get worse. A few months later I was driving home and I felt a weird terrible pain in my left side, under my rib, and came up into my chest, and went to my head, and got really light headed and pulled over thinking I was having a heart attack. Went to the hosiptial, done all the test, EGK, Blood, Stress Test, check everything. Everything came back normal and healthy as a horse. So I was told to go see my Family dr and tell them what all happen. I did, and the dr said it was anxiety and stress with gerd. So she gave me Prilosec and Lexapro and Xanax for the panic attack. well everything was ok for 3 weeks or so, almost felt normal again, then it hit me again, now with arm pain and numbness, went back to ER and came back normal. Went to my reg dr and she changed my Lexapro to Prozac, came home, 2 weeks in and again. Except getting worse each time. So now I decied to see a Psycologist, helps a lil but doesn't take the pain away. So I decied to quit all my meds, well it made me feel 10 times better. 1 month goes by and now I have arm pain and chest pain, constant, never goes away, it goes from extreme pain to a low and dull pain. But I feel better in my head, I don't feel like im a zombie. So now this is the symtoms I have. I have occasional chest pain, not bad just there, but the pain goes into my shoulder, into my back, up my neck and jaw, and down my arm. the pain never really feels the same, example, it burns, stings, stabbing pain, sharp, and tinglely. But even when im calm, it hurts, when I wake up in the middle of the night while sleeping, it hurts, and im doing something or working, it hurts. I do not believe this is heart related because of the test I have taken. Im 24 male, and over weight, but not extremely over weight, I smoke, do not drink, I eat normal and never have done drugs, so im pretty healthy, just the arm pain is a killer, and drives me mad till I wanna cry. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give a detailed story of my self and symtoms, thanks for reading, and any help or suggestions would be awesome.
smscf1 responded:
I spent the whole day in the ER and went through the same thing. I had tests done form EGK, gall bladder, liver, appendix etc. All clean bill of health. I was put on a low-residue diet until my intestines recouped. The doc said that there is a lot of viral things going around that attacks the digestive system that they cannot explain. I suggest a chiropracter. It isn't just for back problems. I went twice a week for 6 weeks and what a world of difference! Good luck.

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