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Left middle abdominal pain
bhaskins1 posted:
I'm a 28 year old male. Had abdominal pain for several years now, on and off, only it's gotten significantly more frequently lately and I'm in discomfort every day. I've had my appendix out. I have a fairly constant pain in my left abdomen, an inch or so above my belly button and between it and my side. It feels like there's a water balloon moving around in there and it's getting poked with a knife, that's the best description I've got.

Aside of that, I also have bouts of *excruciating* pain. They come on extremely rapidly, within a few minutes, and it always begins with me feeling hot and I begin to perspire. Then I get sharp, stabbing, cramping pains in my lower abdomen, on the lower part of my waist line. Sometimes I have diarrhea but usually my stools are hard, probably a side effect of being prescribed Buprenorphine. I had a problem with prescription painkillers but have been off of all but this one for 8 months. Antacids don't have any sort of effect. Only medications I'm on are Buprenorphine 8mg 2x daily, and Dicyclomine 20mg 2-3x daily.

I've been prescribed Dicyclomine 20mg for the abdominal pain and it seems to help but I've only been on it a short time so I don't know for sure. But regardless of the episodes that the Dicyclomine is for, I still have the constant left middle pain. EXHAUSTED all the time no matter how much sleep I get, and SO tired of being in pain. I'm miserable and nobody can give me an answer.

Any advice? I think it may be two separate issues and that's why it's throwing my doctor off. The diagnosis was irritable bowel.

Abdominal ultrasound came back normal. Blood work came back normal. I had a Leukocyte count in the 20's in my urine and they sent a culture out but they've kept me in the dark, I don't find out results until the 11th, but it doesn't feel like a UTI issue, it feels digestive...

Thanks all.

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