Spasms/gurgling in upper left quad
Pierow posted:
I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought I'd start here. I've been experiencing a gurgling/muscle spasm sensation in my upper left quad right behind my ribs (roughly where the liver/gal bladder are). It rarely hurts, just gurgles and/or spasms letting me know it's there. It'll do it off and on throughout the day, and seems to pick up action when I'm eating. I've had so many tests done on my gal bladder over the years (all good) so instead of running to the doctor and spending hundreds on more tests I thought I'd see if anyone else had any ideas. Given my family history I tend to point to my gal bladder.
calgal37 responded:
Right quadrant or left quadrant? Gallbladder is located in the right quadrant, as is the major portion of the liver.
Pierow replied to calgal37's response:
Medically speaking it's the upper left quad. It's not based on your perspective, but the perspective of the person looking at you. So if you're looking at someone, their gal bladder would be located on their left side.