Blood and mucus in urine for a year now
An_250402 posted:
For almost a year now I have had a small amount (about the size of a quarter and orange in color) of blood and mucus in my urine. I notice it in the toilet before I flush. I was hospitalized for 5 days in April 2012 for diverticulitis and infection. After discharge and a course of antibiotics (midline access) administered at home I had a bladder infection that responded to antibiotics. An ultra sound of my kidneys showed a few small stones-not so large that would cause problems passing. A cystoscopy in 12/2012 showed an inflamed bladder but no evidence of cancer. X-rays in 12/2012 showed no kidney stones. My urologist has no explanation for the blood and mucus and suggests I get another x-ray in 4 months to see if there are any kidney stones that show up then on x-ray. Meanwhile I still have the same blood and mucus on a daily basis. I was wondering if there is some type of nutritional testing that would get to the bottom of this. Maybe I am allergic to something in my diet. Any suggestions?
LaCour2 responded:
You Never mentioned having a Body Scan? My husband recently found out he had cancer, the last few years he has been in n out of Hospital, for Kidney stones & pancreatitis.
Turns out it was a tumor in the lymph pressing up against the back of the kidney, In the last 3 years The Doctors (not insured by the way) put him through every test you can think of ,except A *Body Scan. The only test that revealed the tumor & years of being misdiagnosed, It finally all made sense to us. Stage 2