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Dear Retired Seebee
dottie05 posted:
I had the surgery for a very large Hiatal Hernia in 2007. Mine reflux became so severe that I could not throw up and it was reflux out my nostals. My surgery was a nightmare! It was proformed by a general surgeon laposcoply and after realizing that the hernia was so large that it was attached to my lung, he continued on with the laposopy instead of traditional surgery. This caused a "surgical error" where he severed the vegus nerve in the wrong area and caused gastroperisis which is paralisis of the whole gastro system. Much worse than acid reflux.
At your age and you are having minimal reflux issues I would hold off on surgery. If you do decide to go through with it make sure you have a surgeon who speicialty is gastroenterology. I have found over the years that if I lay on my left side and use a small pillow under my stomach and take ginger root (pill form) before bed time it reduces the night time reflux. Good luck to you, hope this helps

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