Does anyone take Linzess?
alberta24 posted:
And does it help? I really really need some help. Please if you can, give me some feed back on this. Alberta
maienlibrarian responded:
I started taking LINZESS about three weeks ago. It has been very helpful to me. Gas and bloating have been considerably reduced. I would estimate that gas has been reduced by about 75%.

I started at the lower dose (145 MCG0. At first, I immediately got the runs. However, after a few days, that reaction stopped and, while it helped my gas, it did nothing for the constipation. I am now easing myself up to the higher dose. I do NOT recommend taking the higher dose immediately, no matter how constipated you are. Start with the lower dose and see what your reaction is.

Talk to your doctor about it. Mine did not hesitate to prescribe it.