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Freezing after gastric bypass
cismith54 posted:
Hi everyone,
I am 58 and 11 years post gastric bypass. My diabetes is gone, high blood pressure was gone but going up a little, and my sleep apnea is gone BUT I AM FREEZING ALL THE TIME!!! I am actually looking forward to the HOT FLASHES of menopause. I have not mentioned it to my doc yet but after doing some reading today I think I will as I will be going on an Alaska cruise/tour in June. I don't want to be miserable. If anyone has had some success in overcoming this, please advise.
ohmygerd responded:
I lost 60 pounds due to digestive issues and since the weight loss I am ALWAYS freezing. I am feeling somewhat better but I am blaming the temperature issues on the weight loss. Hate the winter, cannot tolerate being out in the cold.
calgal37 responded:
Do check with your doctor. It's possible the discomfort could be the result of thyroid or other change.

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