Gastroparesis? Help!
jleigh111 posted:
I'm a 32 year old female with constant nausea and heartburn. I was being treated for gastroparesis with Erythromycin because I take Lamictal for a seizure disorder and was told for that reason I couldn't take Reglan that is normally used to treat gastroparesis. The Erythromycin was working well for me for a few weeks but I developed some bowel irregularities and was told from the beginning that this wouldn't be a long term solution to the problem anyways. I guess my questions are:

1. What are the reasons that Reglan can't be used for patients with a seizure disorder? (or are there any?)
2. Is there a connection between gastroparesis and the seizure medication Lamictal (Lamotrigine)?
3. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to treat gastroparesis aside from changes in diet? I feel like I've tried everything with no relief.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated
Anon_125043 responded:
This shall help: