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Wierd Bowel Movements/Digestive condition
An_245591 posted:
Around a month ago I was laying around one morning and I got this wierd twinge down in the lower area of my back, towards my right side. Didn't think much of it, suffered through the hypersensitivity in my skin for a few hours that morning, and by afternoon everything felt right.

But, after that, my bowels have taken a strange turn. I'm not having as many movements a day (maybe down to one a day sometimes), but I don't feel all that cramped either.

Also, the movements I do have seem constricted. It is as if my anus is permanently set in clenched position, and I'm forcing a movement out through. Sometimes painful, but most of the time, just worrying.

And the odor is incredible, in bad ways. Either it has no discernible odor (usually after I manage a substantial movement), or it is as if the Toxic Avenger dropped an A-bomb in his pants. And this odor in fart form stays a while, which pisses me off to no end as my job has me walking around campus a LOT, and I end up carpet bombing when those days come around.

I haven't noted much IN the stool, but I have noted some white-ish things at times. Never enough to ID it as a worm, but I've still seen white-ish things that shouldn't logically be there.

Ideas? As far as I know, I'd be hungry a lot more if I had worms, right?

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