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    Bloat, Gas & Flatulence
    juliasmom posted:
    I am a 44 year old female and for two years I've been battling digestive issues, and in the last two months it's gotten increasingly worse. I've been to 3 different specialists and no one can seem to put a finger on what's causing my symptoms. I have excessive gas, belching and often times my stomach gets so bloated and distended I look like I'm pregnant. My doctor did determine that I'm lactose intolerant, so I do avoid any milk or dairy products. Even though I tested negative for celiac disease, I still avoid gluten and wheat products. I also try to avoid sugar and use natural sweeteners. I've tried probiotics, antibiotics in case there was bacteria in my gut, I've had an upper GI series and an endoscopy. My doctor did see that my esophageal sphincter is loose and doesn't close all the way, which might attribute for my belching, but we still don't know what's causing the gas and abdominal destination. Often times it's accompanied by a burning sensation as well. I've tried charcoal tablets, enzymes, almost everything. I'm in good health, I run and do yoga, have no other health problems and am just at the end of my rope. I'm curious if anyone has ever encountered anything like this and what they did to relieve it? MY next step is to try an alternative medicine doctor. I'm just not sure what to do at this point anymore!
    Thanks so much!!!
    photographer2 responded:
    Yep... same issues for years. Recently diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Told to get off anything with fructose, lactose, sorbitol, certain veggies, etc. Look up the SIBO diet. Get tested (breath test). There are two camps on the validity of the breath test. I went along with the one that gave me a 'positive' result for SIBO and have been following the diet. It's going to take a while. So far though.... no more gut issues (2 weeks on the diet). Good luck!!!
    ashtonify replied to photographer2's response:
    same symtoms here... also intolerant of any dairy, all grains and beans...
    if you have taken antibiotics in the last few years your gut flora could be out of balance... not all probiotics are created equal - i am trying VSL3 - a probiotic that contains 450billion cells - far more than any other on the market... seems to be helping (have been on it for about 6 wks) - try it for a month and see whether it helps you too... the cheapest place I have found to get VSL3 is Costco and they bring it in on ice...
    good luck and let us know how you do if you try it

    PS check out:
    kavs1 responded:
    Please follow these best practices.
    • After you wake up in the morning drink atleast 750 ml to 1 liter of water. (NOT cold, NOT hot) after that Eat some 6 to 7 over night soaked almonds.
    • After ralxing 30 min you may feel your bowl starts moving, if you fell it go and dump.
    • Try find some yoga asana videos for abdomin in youtube. and start practicing 2 asana at a time for one or two days and keep adding more asanas to your work out. Dont give up just because you can't do. Spend at least 30 min every day for yoga.
    • Eat breakfast every day at the same time. Eat oats atleast four times in a week. Other days eat some cooked lentil (black eye, Moondg Dall). Do not add milk just water and boil you can add some rasins for tast
    • Do not drink water after you eat for atleast 45 min to 1 hour and then drink plenty of water. Make sure you follow this procedure for Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
    • Drink plenty of water 1 hour befoure you eat lunch and dinner.
    • Have one orange or pineapple when you feel like between the lunch and dinner do not blend the fruits.
    • Follow same procedure as lunch for dinner.
    • Drink Plain Butter milk about 250 ml sip by sip after lunch and dinner after 30 min.Do not buy buttermilk. No suger added no flavor added. Prefered Make yogurt at home and make butter milk out of it.
    • Do not drink excessive coffee, tea, Meat avoid milk for a while. Try to avoid bread, Go for Rice insted which is easy to diject. Eat plenty of cooked vegitables but do not make them sovery.

    I hope this will help you
    123ROSE123 responded:
    I had the same symptoms and also had paid in the upper right quadrant of my stomach, it turned out to be Gastroparesis. I am very lucky to find a doctor that is able to help me. Do some research on it and best of luck to you and hope you feel better.
    Snozbear responded:
    Had similar symptoms and similar lengthy frustration. You are probably swallowing the air although you think you are not. I went to a speech pathologist who specialises in swallowing disorders who taught me to swallow properly (at 61 years of age). They did a special sort of barium swallow that clearly demonstrated the swallowed air and the retrograde reflux. I still get symptoms when I'm slack but I can now fix it with a bit of discipline. Also try a product called Iberogast which is really effective in assisting the belching. It relaxes the oesophageal gastric junction so the air is more easily belched. It works immediately. Hope this helps. dave
    girlieduck responded:
    It was surely a blessing that I found your post today...I have been dealing with the exact same thing since the beginning of January and feel like I am pregnant and terrible pain. I've struggled with knowing what kind of doctor to see or if I should just try to take foods out of my diet.
    I would appreciate any advise...Thanks
    An_250670 responded:
    Have you been tested for Crohns?
    Have you had a colonoscopy?
    I had similar syptoms for many years and a catscan determined I had Crohns. Check with your doctor. Feel better.
    MelvinUdall responded:
    Do you get constipated? Do you suffer from low energy / sluggishness?
    postman responded:
    I am having the same problems. I have excessive bloating and can't get rid of the gas. I feel horrible when that happens. I am going to have a colonoscopy in 2 weeks. Hope to find out something then. I have had IBS since I was 20 and I am 64 now. I exercise and in good health other than this digestive disorder. I have started using Deepok Chopra's meditation DVD for a few weeks and that has helped me relax. I am going to try the one below (kavs1) and see if that helps. I forgot to mention I am on a gluten free diet and am fructose intolerant. Let me know if you find an alternative answer.
    postman replied to ashtonify's response:
    How many capsules of VSL3 do you take a day? Do you have IBS?

    What is your main problem? Hope to hear from you
    postman replied to kavs1's response:
    I am having gas and bloating like other ones on this site. I am going to try what you have said.

    Did your Doctor give you this advice? How long did it take for this to work for you?
    An_250677 replied to kavs1's response:
    How do you make your own buttermilk and yogurt? How long does it stay fresh? I thought blended fruits were good for me, especially with my IBS. How long should I avoid milk? Thank you. - T
    bennyblb responded:
    could be DIVERTICULITIS.
    sunflowerspa replied to 123ROSE123's response:
    Hi Rose! I can relate to what you are saying......i do have alot of gas--more than usual foul smelling...nausea..and had an endoscopy/colonoscopy couple weeks ago---the colon was fine.but, the stomach still had jello in it from 18 hours before----so, monday going for a gastric emptying test......
    How did u find out what you had and what are you doing to make it better, if i may ask? Glad you are feeling better!

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