Nausea and throwing out for the past week
An_240277 posted:
We had a party on Sunday night (17th) and 18th I was travelling to CA (2 hour short flight). Around lunch time, i started feeling Nausea and could not eat my lunch.

18th: picked up over the counter digestive medicine and went back to hotel at 3PM. Threw out the digestive medicine. did not eat anything that day

19th: ate some fruits and milk; was okay till afternoon. At 3pm picked up some rice and had half plate; sat till 10PM, felt inconvinient, but did not threw out

20th: not felt right, again just ate some fruits and milk; it was okay, but did not eat much..

21st: ate small bread with milk, fruits and flew back to my home town.. had little bit of white rice

22nd: went to the hospital to see; they had blood and urine tests, everything came normal. They also did CT Scan..

Here are the findings:
Comparison: None
Liver: Negative
Gallbladder/biliary: Negative
Spleen: Negative
Adrenals: Negative
Pancres: Negative
Kideneys: A right renal cyst is present. smaller hypodense lesions in the right kidney are too small to characterize.

Bowel: The right colon is tortuous with the cecum in a high position. A calcification present in the right lower abdomen and on series 2 image 40 measuring 8x2mm is most consistent with an appendicolith. There is extensive stranding and fluid around this region. This is most consistent with apendicitis.

But doctor said, that i need to see the surgeon on Wednesday. i heard if it s Appendicitis, it need to be treated within 24 hours?

I don't have severe pain. I was given anti biotics. I am feeling so tired, could not eat much. Any help will be appreciated.

BTW, two other people who came to that party had motions for 3-4 days after that. I hope it is just food poison.