Coffeelover111 posted:
I have been suffering from heartburn my whole life, i am 24 right now, and i remember my mom taking me to the pediatrician as a child because of heartburn. i have had bad luck with Drs because all they tell me is to stay off of spicy food. but the thing is, everything i eat either gives me gas, usually belching, or bad heart burn. recently when i burp, and i have too much food in my stomach, the food will come up into my throat. Now, I've read about Barrett's esophagus, and i am terrified that i am at risk, even though I'm in my 20's. I am in the process of changing my Dr, because he didn't seem too concerned. I also get constipated, especially if i don't have my coffee in the morning. Due to constipation, i have hemorrhoids, although that has seemed to not be very much of an issue anymore. This week I've had bad episodes of heartburn and belching, I just don't know what to do anymore. Any one with similar issue have any advice or comments?

Ive tried papaya enzymes, and probiotics, these only seem to help a little bit